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Mulch Calculator

Metrolina Mulch-Premium Landscape Products Calculator Mulch Calculator

Use this table for complete yard or project requirements. Simply enter the width and length of each bed.
Front yard
Back yard
Side yard 1
Side yard 2
Misc area 1
Misc area 2
Misc area 3
Garden area
Width (feet)
Length (feet)
Area (sq. feet)
For circular garden beds, simply enter the diameter.

Depth of the layer: inches

Total area: square feet

Product required: cubic yards

Suggested order: full cubic yards

Round Bed 1
Round Bed 2
Round Bed 3
Round Bed 4
Diameter (feet)
Area (sq. feet)

To estimate how much mulch you will need, enter your measurements of the area you wish to cover. Be sure  to enter the desired depth at the bottom right corner. The recommended standard depth is 3 to 4 inches.