Designer Black Dyed Mulch

 A blend of hardwood barks, the Double Shredded hardwood fibers lock together allowing the mulch to stay in place.making it excellent for slopes and resistant to rain washouts. Due to the coarser texture, the 4" to 6" fiber length and it being one of our least expensive mulch, it's perfect for large natural areas and as a top dress for a finished look.  

​Cedar Mulch

Double Shredded Hardwood Light or Dark

Our shredded hardwood mulch is dyed with a black organic and long lasting colorant - EPA approved.

This is 100% pure, shredded cypress mulch that is golden brown in color, locks together well on steep slopes, and is decay resistant. It is also a decorative mulch ideal for use around trees, shrubs and flower beds. 

A beautiful blondish, golden brown in color, our cedar mulch has that familiar cedar aroma which doubles as an insect repellent. Like cypress it also is very decay resistant giving it extended life and reducing your replacement cost.

Our Single Shredded Hardwood is great for large natural areas. Its larger in size with pieces 6" to 12". Normally available in light to Golden Brown. This mulch last longer then most because of the size.

Large Pine Nuggets

The large pine bark nugget ranges in size from approximately 3″ to 5″ and is used primarily in large, open beds. Due to the size of the nugget, they last longer than other pine mulches and is the most economical choice. If you like something smaller take a look at our mini pine nuggets and reground pine bark mulch.

One of our most popular natural colored mulches, the Triple Shredded Hardwood mulch has all of the same great characteristics as the Double Shredded mulch except for the finer 1" to 3" fiber length that presents a more uniform and decorative appearance especially in a flower garden or other high visibility area of a home or business.   

Pine bark mulch makes an excellent garden mulch. It  has a pleasant reddish brown color and is an excellent soil conditioner. It's ideal for loosening up dense soils,  promoting root growth and is great for your acid loving plants.

Designer Brown Dyed Mulch

Brown Dyed Cypress Mulch

Triple Shredded Red Oak Light or Dark

S.C. Long Pine Needles

​Pine Bark Mulch

​Mini Pine Nuggets

Single Shredded Hardwood

Our dyed brown cypress mulch is finely shredded and is an absolutely beautiful walnut brown color. It also holds well on slopes and is decay resistant. 

Cypress Mulch

Our playground chips are soft, long lasting and dry out quickly. It is considered by many as the premier play area material. Our playground chips meet all ASTM impact attenuation requirements and it's 80% cypress meaning it's decay resistant.

Our mini pine bark nuggets are reddish, brown  in color. They range in size from 1\2 to 2 inches. Mini Pine bark nuggets are light and are easy to install. This mulch is ideal for the acid-loving plants that grow in our region such as azaleas and rose bushes.

Our shredded hardwood mulch is dyed with a bright red organic and long lasting colorant - EPA approved.

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Our shredded hardwood mulch is dyed with a chocolate brown organic and long lasting colorant - EPA approved.

Designer Red Dyed Mulch

Soft Landing Playground Chips

Metrolina Mulch Premium Landscape Products in Midland offers the highest quality Double & Triple Shredded Hardwood Mulch, Pine bark, Cypress Mulch, Playground Mulch, Cedar Mulch & Red,​ Black, & Brown Dyed Mulches.

Triple Shredded Red Oak mulch is probably our most attractive natural colored mulch product that holds its rich auburn color longer. The texture, color and all the other great qualities of shredded hardwood combine to earn the title of our "BEST SELLER".

Triple Shredded Hardwood

From South Carolina our long leaf pine needles are great for a quick and easy mulching around trees and shrubs. They have a rich copper/brown color and the bales are clean and full size.