This is a great topsoil for growing grass or filling holes or just leveling up your yard. Its screened and free of any trash and is ready to be used. We sell it by the cubic yard and we can deliver up to 13 tons at a time.

Our organic screened topsoil blend is a 50/50 mix of premium screened topsoil and nutrient-rich compost to develop a soil that promotes better plant growth and development. These soils are typically identified by their deep, dark color and loamy texture.

#57 Washed Stone

ABC Stone (Crush & Run)

Metrolina Blend (Soil Conditioner)

Dark gray washed crushed granite used as a sub base filler for stone walkways and patios.

Unscreened Fill Dirt 

Gray/blue in color, up to 1" in size. Great for driveways and drainage features. Available by the cubic yard or delivery up to 13 tons in our heavy hauling truck.

C-33 Washed Concrete Sand

Metrolina Blend is a dark, rich soil amendment with a potting soil texture. The aged pine bark fines blended in help add acidity to the soil making it conducive to many acid-loving plants found in our Southern region. There also is a small amount of sand added to help retain moisture.

Plain Screened Topsoil

Dry Screenings

We carry unscreened fill dirt used for filling holes, building up low spots, and backfilling retainer walls. Available by the cubic yard or delivery up to 13 tons in our heavy hauling truck,

Beautiful extra white beach/volleyball sand is a really soft, snow white sand that is perfect for any playground, sandbox or outside volleyball court. 

Large bales of wheat straw fresh from the farm. The bales are always clean and full. Perfect for protecting your seed and providing  erosion control.

Gray in color, crushed granite mixed with 3/4 inch average size gravel. Great base material for roads and driveways.

Wheat Straw

Extra White Beach/Volleyball Sand

Red Mortar Sand

This sand is commonly use as a base under pavers and natural stone walkways, patios, and driveways. It is available by the yard or delivery up to 13 tons in our heavy hauling truck.

Red Mortar Sand can be used for many different applications Such as a base under pools and brick work. 

Metrolina Mulch Premium Landscape Products offers some of the highest quality Topsoil, Fill dirt, Gravel and Sand in Charlotte Concord, Monroe, Waxhaw, 

Choose from one of our Premium Soil Products below then go to our "Calculator" to determine the proper amount you need. Click on our "Get a Quote" page or call our office at 704-888-1822 for pricing and delivery options.

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   Organic Screened Topsoil Blend